System Requirements
  Download Mozilla Firefox  
  Detailed Description  
Important! Important:
The Mozilla Firefox Browser must be installed before installing the toolbar!
Download Mozilla Firefox Now
Video Tutorials: How to install Firefox | How to install the PMI RE Toolbar
After installing the Mozilla Firefox browser follow these steps:
  Step 1 Open your Mozilla Firefox browser  
  Step 2 Then Click Here to install.  
  Step 3 Firefox will then ask you if you want to install this software on your computer click "Allow" as shown below.  
    Click Allow  
  Step 4 Click "Install Now" in the window pop up as shown below.  
    Install Now  
  Step 5 Next the Add-ons window will apear. Click "Restart Firefox" as shown below.  
    Restart Firefox  
  Step 6 You have successfully installed the toolbar and you should see in in your browser as shown below.  
    See Toolbar Below  
  Troubleshoot tip:  
  If you can not see the toolbar go to view > toolbars > Real Estate Toolbar.  
  Step 7 Create an account by clicking on the tiny house to the left > Create New Account  
    Create New Account  
  Step 8 Fill out the form and click Create.  
    Create Account  
  Step 9 Log in!  
    Log in

Green check mark shows that you are logged in and ready to go!
Green check mark
  Step 10 To display sidebar click on the house icon > Show Sidebar  
    Show Sidebar  
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